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Silver care business division

We provide world-first fall prevention/preventive independent living system, differentiated care service, and professional consulting with high brand recognition.

It is an age of competition and change.
In limitless free competition we have to go forward one step ahead by deviating from existing long-term care industry style.

Our Marpe silver care has developed and is supplying world-first fall prevention system based on researches by incumbent professors and clinical therapists belonging to corporations under Ministry of Health and Welfare. It is an independence support service for seniors’ active and independent living by providing customized programs according to their physical and cognitive ability through Korea’s only program optimized to service manual required by senior long-term care act.

Now why don’t you become a leader in silver care industry with us?

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Consulting Consulting and counseling service about building, remodeling of sanitarium, daytime and nighttime protection center, and in-house center with legal/administrative matters based on many years of knowhow related to startup of long-term care business, which is not easy.
Rehab exercise specialization While meeting the evaluation of long-term care, which is getting more stringent, we help with marketing and keeping financial stability by promoting care receivers to consistent use of the center for health improvement/maintenance through applying fall prevention system in feeble silver exercise.
Physical treatment
Maximize the operation by elevating health promotion and satisfaction of seniors by applying systematized physical treatment program to nominal exercise/program room in hospital way.
One-stop service Provide counseling service on integral systematic operation of every work including accounting, financing, labor management, administration, etc. which occur after important establishment of business by startup.
Education Following the systematic education by KALF under the control of Ministry of Health and Welfare, we provide senior exercise specialist (instructor course), silver exercise education, physical treatment program, dementia cognition education, etc. with relevant systems.
Profit creation Help create profits by expanding the business in various ways deviating from limited profit structure resulting from unified way of operation up to now and support for sustained creation of supplementary profit.
Business tie-up Following new environment named facility for seniors and many legal requirements from welfare of the aged act, we provide introduction to low-cost high quality suppliers in tems of building design, use change design, interiors, and food items and counseling.
Brand power Global business Marpe, having high recognition home and abroad, supports franchisees with marketing and securing care receivers through physiotherapist association, corporation association, rehab treatment association, and own agents.

■ Model per area size

※ You can see the details on clicking the image.

■ Specialized system

1. Silver exercise specialty system (fall prevention system)

*** Features of Marpe Fall Prevention System ***

fall prevention system

*** Silver Care Products (varied styles of system depending on the facility situation)

silvercare mini silvercare standard Dual rail Complex rail Basic rail Safety suit circle rail crossway rail multi-type rail FTU

※ Rail of all Marpe fall prevention system can be customized in length, size, and shape depending on site situation and customer’s requirements.

2. Physiotherapy specialized system

  • tensile force system
  • Ultrasound treating device
  • Electrical stimulation treating device
  • Air pressure massage device
  • Hot pack

3. Cognition rehab training system

Cognition rehab training system

■ Daycare center full system

daycare center system