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Rehab Pilates

We design useful devices for posture correction and rehab treatment at time of pilates exercise.

Pilates 3D

Pilates is an exercise which releases bodily tension and strengthens the body at the same time and it strengthens deep muscles using own muscular power and its purpose is dietary exercise and posture correction and rehab well.

Pilates, exercise ensuring bodily balance, is effective to persons who need rehab exercise and have unbalanced posture.
Marpe has designed “Rehab Cadillac” specialized for rehab exercise by combining Cadillac, pilates equipment, and Marpe’s sling device in cooperation with Pilates Association.

" Pilates Pyeongtaek Branch "

Pyeongtaek branch has held a theory and practice education session on rehab pilates for instructors having rehab pilates certificate from KALF.
Images below show the education session.

Pilates Pyeongtaek Branch