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Company R&D Center

‘Marpe, company consistently endeavoring to develop products’
After building the goal of “satisfying customers of the world” by developing top class products, Marpe is manufacturing products which customers asks for while developing new technology of health care field through continuous R&D.
We will try to let excellent quality of our products known over the world and lead while consistent investment for developing excellent products of new concept.
‘Operation of company R&D center’
Operates it for doing R&D of products.
Professional staff of Company R&D center are developing on its own and researching and developing products in cooperation with professional research institutes and universities.
We are going through the processes of new product design, manufacture and test in the course of R&D before manufacturing and selling the product.

■ Peforming government assigned tasks in Company R&D center

Company R&D center
Project name Task name Project period
Product process improvement technology developing project Improvement of FTS product 2013.12.01 ~ 2014.08.31
First-step technology development project by Industry-University-Institute Development of evaluation tool system for multi-directional posture and motion by using vision system 2014.06.01 ~ 2015.05.31
Start-up growth technology development project Development of active type weight support rail system for circuit rehab training 2015.06.22 ~ 2016.06.21
Carbon valley building project FTS (rehab treatment system) development made of 50% weight-reduced carbon composite material sourced domestically 2015.11.01 ~ 2016.12.31