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Overseas Business Division

Establish overseas branches and rehab treatment centers

Marpe has branches (sole distributors) in several foreign countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, and Thailand for consistent export.

해외 사업부 내용
China Year 2011 Participated in China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shenzen
Year 2012 Contract with China Beijing sole distributor (Beijing Xinghejinshi Technology Development Co., LTD.)
Opened education program for Chinese medicine doctors
Our CEO was appointed as a visiting professor of Nanjing Medicine College in China
Year 2013 Academic seminar and clinical education in medicine college
Opened training course for international instructors
Year 2014~2015 NPT System and seminars at Chinese hospitals were activated.
Indonesia Year 2015 Advanced to Indonesian market (Jakarta Siloam Hospital Rehab Center)
Year 2017 Concluded MOU with KMD-Indonesia
Thai Year 2017 Advanced to Thai market (LWN)
Australia and New Zealand Year 2017 Installed our system in Sydney "Physio-in-Mind"
Vietnam Year 2016 Concluded MOU with Vietnam Medical Equipment Association, KMD-VINA, Hochimin Doctors Association
Concluded MOU with Vietnam Hochimin HONGBANG University