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Daycare education

The training program for Fall Prevention System

■ Exercise program
Exercise program

A. Joint Movement : bar / Stretching : sling
B. Theraband / Sling
C. Ball (Balloon) / Changing posture
D. Sling / Trampoline
E. Obstacle walking / Changing position
F. Spinning / Changing position
G. Changing posture/ Gymnastics -> sling
H. Recreation
I. Function / Sports activity

■ Process
Exercise process
■ Course of Elderly Exercise Master
Course of Elderly Exercise Master
The fall risk assessment (8 hours)

· berg balance scale(BBS)
· Recognition Assessment
· Function Assessment
· Walking speed Assessment
· Gait endurance Assessment

The exercise program for body function improvement 10set
(5 hours per 1 set)

· Flexibility exercise
· Muscular strength exercise
· Functional improvement exercise
· Aerobic exercise

The exercise program for recognition & sociality improvement 10set
(5 hours per 1 set)

·Cognitive play training
·Sensory integration training
·Balance training
·Walking training

Exercise treatment 1:1 Case of disease
(30 hours)

·Osteoporosis /Arthritis / Lumbago prevention training
·Depression / Prevention of dementia training
·Hyperlipidemia / Hypertension / Preventing obesity