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Business Divisions

Rehabilitation care consulting

Supplies necessary equipment for physiotherapy to hospitals and rehab centers.

Marpe Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures NPT (Natural Posture Training) system, which is an orthopedic exercise device, and GTS (Gait Training System) and sells to domestic and overseas markets.

Marpe develops sales strategies for equipment with own sales networks and several medical equipment sales stores which are in charge of selling NPT system.
As part of differentiated sales strategy through education, main office education team provides intensive user education and ART Core Research Institute develops theories and professional treatment technologies based on scientific grounds for education. We are constantly putting efforts to building systematic sales channels with upgraded sales strategies by establishing stable foundation through securing usage manpower after manpower cultivating.

Marpe’s systems are being used for manual therapy for musculoskeletal system and nerve system, kinesitherapy, kinesitherapy for sports rehabilitation and senior rehabilitation, kinesitherapy consulting for health maintenance and improvement.

Physical therapy placement