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Marpe will become a leading company
in the 21st century with the goal of a healthy life.

'Company leading the healthy life'
Marpe Co., Ltd. was established with the objective of becoming a global health care company to cope with the drastic demand increase and market expansion of relevant rehab equipment based on continual increase in senior population and patients of rehab, musculoskeletal and nerve system.

With its CEO carrying decades of clinical experience in physical therapy as well as its young employees, Marpe has developed a rehabilitation and chiropractic manual therapy system for Medical part, fall prevention, and various rehabilitation systems for Silver care part, rehabilitation Pilates, personal and group exercise system for Fitness part.
The company also takes charge of the relevant training and sales regarding the above products developed after extensive research, both local and international, on scientific therapy and exercise methods. Moreover, Marpe is developing therapeutic and exercise equipment for musculoskeletal and nervous systems and silver and health care through the establishment of a company-affiliated R&D institute in 2013 and the expansion of its R&D human resources.
It has also successfully entered overseas markets, such as China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Russian Federation, through professional user training. Marpe exerts its utmost efforts to become a global health-care company through clinical infrastructure.
'Pursue to be a future-oriented enterprise based on respect of humanity'
We intend to develop new technologies which enrich human lives, create new value with sustained innovation, and create a passionate and energetic corporate culture having a challenging spirit.

Marpe Co., Ltd.
CEO Taek-yeon Kim